Student Competition

27th Annual Frank J. Redd Student Competition Finalists

Wednesday, August 7

10:45 AM
Application of a Six Degrees-of-Freedom Drag Model for Small Satellite Mission Development
Alexander Reynolds – Missouri University of Science and Technology

11:00 AM
Real-Time Optimal Slew Maneuver Planning for Small Satellites
Robin Aucoin - Space Flight Laboratory, University of Toronto

11:15 AM
Utilization of the Software Communication Architecture for Software Defined Radio Waveform Development
Noah Acosta – University of Hawaii at Manoa

11:30 AM
Experimental Validation of Relative Attitude Determination through Line of Sight Measurements for a Two-Vehicle Static Formation
Fatak Borhani, Niranjan Ravichandra – University at Buffalo

11:45 AM
INSPIRESAT-4 / ARCADE: A VLEO Mission for Atmospheric Temperature Measurements and Ionospheric Plasma Characterization
Sarthak Srivastava – Nanyang Technological University; Anant Kandala – Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology; Glenn Gacal – National Central University (Taiwan)

12:00 AM
Design of an In-Situ Sensor Package to Track CubeSat Deployments
Aaron Aboaf, Nicholas Renninger, Lara Lufkin - University of Colorado Boulder

Scoring Criteria

  • Technical Content and/or Scientific Merit (40%)
  • Industry Relevance (15%)
  • Clarity of Writing (20%)
  • Presentation and Response to Questions (25%)


Student finalists must present their papers in the Student Competition technical session Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

All authors identified in the technical paper must participate in the oral presentation—plan accordingly.

Students will be given a maximum of 12 minutes to present their paper, followed by 3 minutes for questions. Presentations exceeding 12 minutes will be marked down.

Participation Rules

  • Each author listed must submit his/her own author information sheet as part of paper submission.
  • Participants may not author or co-author more than one paper.
  • Papers are limited to three authors.
  • All persons identified as authors must participate in the oral presentation—plan accordingly.
  • Students are required to register for the Conference at a reduced, all-inclusive registration fee of $200. Students must provide their own transportation and lodging.
  • Technical questions and/or judging issues or concerns should be communicated with the Technical Chair, Stanley Kennedy (
  • Contact with judges directly, either before or after the competition is prohibited and may result in disqualification.

Authors failing to comply any of these rules may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Student Session Technical Chair.