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Virtually Amazing

Thank you for making SmallSat Virtual 2020 a success!

Please check back mid-December for SmallSat 2021 Conference details.

Keynote Address

Dr. Christopher Scolese | Director, NRO

Dr. Christopher Scolese was appointed the 19th Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (DNRO) on August 1, 2019. The DNRO provides direction, guidance, and supervision over all matters pertaining to the NRO and executes other authorities specifically delegated by the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence.

2020 Student Competition Winners

Rachel Morgan; MIT - $10,000
Advisor - Kerri Cahoy

Kyle Craft, Grant Hecht; Missouri University of Science - $3,750 each
Advisor - Henry Pernicka

Philip Hampton; University of Toronto - $5,000
Advisor - Robert Zee

Madeleine Schroeder, Christopher Womack, Amelia Gagnon; MIT - $850 each
Advisor - Kerri Cahoy

Michael Wilson; University of Michigan - $2,500
Advisor - James Cutler

Niklas Wendel, Tilman Hoffbauer, Louisa Gerhard; University of Applied Sciences Aachen - $850 each

2020 Student Poster Awards

1st Place
Pure Ionic Electrospray Thruster Control Electronics Architecture and Performance
Jeffrey Asher, Robert Antypas, Joseph Wang - University of Southern California - Space Engineering Research Center

2nd Place
A TLE-based Algorithm for Correcting Empirical Model Densities During Geomagnetic Storms
Daniel Brandt, Charles Bussy-Virat, Aaron Ridley - University of Michigan

3rd Place
Cislunar Explorers: Lessons Learned from the Development of an Interplanetary CubeSat
Aaron Zucherman, Aaron Buchwald, George Orellana, Sydney Rzepka, Elliot Kann, Kelly Jawork, Michael Zakoworotny, Charlie Robinson - Cornell University

Gil Moore - Lifetime Achievement Award

SmallSat Retrospective

Mission of the Year Award

The Mission of the Year award went to Hyper-Angular Rainbow Polarimeter (HARP)
Earth and Space Institute at UMBC and Space Dynamics Lab at Utah State University

The People’s Choice award went to Quetzal 1
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG)

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