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Towards the Use of Commercial-off-the-Shelf Small-Satellite Components for Deep-Space CubeSats: A Feasibility and Performance Analysis

Stefano Casini, Iosto Fodde, Steven Engelen, Bert Monna - Hyperion Technologies B.V. (Netherlands); Angelo Cervone, Eberhard Gill - Delft University of Technology

GPU-Accelerated Optimization of CubeSat Constellation Design Considering Cloud Cover Uncertainty

Hsiu-Hsuan Huang, Hyochoong Bang - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

What’s Next after Industry Disruption by CubeSats? – Industry Disruption by Open Source

Anita Bernie, John Paffett - KISPE Space Systems Limited

Modular Architecture for a Resilient Extensible SmallSat (MARES)

Robin Ripley, James Fraction, Luis Santos Soto, Chuck Clagett, Cody Brewer, Alessandro Geist - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Adding Another Dimension to Small Satellite Constellations

Alex da Silva Curiel, Rachel Bird, Peter Senior, Steve Eckelskley, Andrew Cawthorne - Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd; Martin Sweeting - Surrey Space Centre, UK

Facilitating the Development of Innovative Mission Architectures by Connecting the Global Community

Manwei Chan - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Josh Schertz - Colorado School of Mines; Mary Grace Kalnay - Concordia University

A Tailored Systems Engineering Process for the Development of CubeSat Class Satellites

John Gregory - US Naval Academy

Balancing Project Management, Risk, and Educational Opportunities on the Grissom CubeSat Project

Andrew Keys, Robert Bettinger, Chris Sheffield, Sean Miller, Christopher Lomanno - Air Force Institute of Technology

From Swarm to Starlink: Navigating the Satellite Legal Regime

Charles Mudd - Mudd Law

Optics Testing at Planetary Scale

James Muehlner, Jacob Stern, Chester Gillmore, Caroline Pritchett, Kyle Racette, Juan Fernandez - Planet Labs Inc.

A Step-Change in CubeSat Architecture: Moving from Stacked to Slotted Design

Jeremy Allam, Marcel Lariviere, Piyush Patil - Exo-Space, Inc.

Development, Application, and Distribution of the CubeSat System Reference Model

David Kaslow - SELF

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Assembly, Integration & Test

A Last-Minute Upgrade: Rapid Integration of an Opportunity Payload into the TUBIN Mission

Julian Bartholomäus, Clément Jonglez, Philip von Keiser, Julius Léglise, Marc Lehmann, Philipp Werner – Berlin Institute of Technology; Klaus Jäckel, Mathias Reibe - IQ Wireless GmbH

Obtaining a Level of Trust through Cybersecurity Compliance Assessment and Performance Measurement

Sean Kinser, Pete de Graaf, Matthew Stein, Frank Hughey, Rob Roller - MITRE; David Voss, Amanda Salmoriaghi - United States Space Force

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Command & Data Handling

SpaceVPX/FMC for Electronics Standardization and Modularity in High-Performance SmallSat Architectures

Rodrigo Diez, Facundo Jorge - Novo Space; Patrick Collier - Aspen Consulting Group; Kerri Cahoy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dedicated On-Board Computer for Active Debris Removal Mission

Michael Juillard, Muriel Richard, Jean-Paul Kneib – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Is There A Paradigm Shift for On-Board Computing and Processing?

Anders Petersen, Patrik Sandin, Viktor Fägerlind - RUAG Space AB (Sweden)

PyCubed Mini: An Open-Source, Computational Platform for Education and Research in the Pocketqube Form Factor

Andrew Gatherer, Max Holliday, Zachary Manchester - Stanford University

Single Event Latch-up (SEL) Automatic Detection and Recovery for the RT6804-1 Battery Stack Monitor

Kristen Chong, Tom Decker, Nathan Wendel, Amado Gomeri - Analog Devices, Inc.

CASPR: Autonomous Sensor Processing Experiment for STP-H7

Seth Roffe, Theodore Schwarz, Thomas Cook, Evan Gretok, Aidan Phillips, Noah Perryman, Justin Goodwill, Mitchell Moran - National Science Foundation

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Inter-Satellite Data Relay System (IDRS) for LEO Satellites Using a Commercially Available GEO Satellite System

Khai Pang Tan, Eyal Trachtman - Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd

5G for LEO – Technical Challenges and Initial Results

Per Koch, Henrik Krogh Moller – GateHouse Telecom A/S, Denmark I

A Technical Evaluation of Integrating Optical Inter-Satellite Links into Proliferated Polar LEO Constellations

Joshua Ingersoll - Georgia Institute of Technology

Precision Pointing Considerations for Long-Distance Free-Space Optical Communications

John Beasley, Thomas Walsh, Eric Forstner - BEI Precision

LinkStar-TRK, a Small Satellite Global Communications and Tracking System: System Design, Application and Test Flight Results from Low Earth Orbit

Andrew Santangelo - Sci_Zone

Compact Laser Communication Terminal for Small Satellites

Francesco Sansone, Alessandro Francesconi, Andrea Vettor - Stellar Project SRL

DISCO One - Reflective Free-Space Optical Communication Technology Demonstration for CubeSats

Raphael Böckle, Philip Olbrich, Andreas Sinn, Thomas Riel, Georg Schitter - TU Wien Space Team

Architecture and Design of the McMaster NEUDOSE Communications Radio Subsystem

Will Donaldson, Andrei Hanu, Bruce Power - McMaster University; Eric Johnston - Bubble Technology Industries Inc.; Devin Klepp, Zack Manesiotis, Shashank Manikonda, Hira Nadeem - McMaster University

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Student Poster Competition

Open-Source Flight Computer Platform for CubeSats

Charles Lindsay, Ethan Sit - MIT

The Quickly Universally Integrated CubeSat: Rapid Integration for Small Packages

Kevin Arellano Esquerra, Christopher Artates, Michael Pham, Benjamin Narita, Eduardo Corpuz - California Polytechnic State University

Design of a Custom Secondary On-Board Computer for the NEUDOSE CubeSat Mission

Paula Bosca, John Barberiz, Hira Nadeem, Mostafa Ayesh, Aaron Bruinsma, Michael Chen - McMaster University; Akiv Jhirad - Western University; James Warburton - McMaster University

MAGNETO: Mapping the Earth’s Magnetic Field at 300km Using COTS Sensors

Lizvette Villafana, Rahul Rughani, Claire Carlton, Jessica Yuan, Liam Broadus, Warren Su, Ava Norrell, David Barnhart - University of Southern California - Space Engineering Research Center

Development of Electrodynamic Tethers for Propellantless Propulsion in Low-Earth Orbit

Mitchel Miller, Derek Cheyne, Zoe Nathanson, Maya Pandya, Anish Rajesh, Samriddhi Sharma, Liam Spence, Brian Gilchirst - University of Michigan

AMARIS: A CubeSat Based Lunar Rover

Christina Cross, Victoria Cross, Caeden Dooner, Owen Welch, Kevin Simmons - BLUECUBE Aerospace- Wolverine CubeSat Development Team

Flight Software Implementation and Verification on IRIS CubeSat

Yun-Rong Yang, Ke-Yen Hsu, Jyh-Ching Juang - National Cheng Kung University

Anti-Windup Compensator Approach to Nanosatellite Fault Tolerant Architecture

Ikechukwu Ofodile - Tartu Observatory; Nkemdilim Ofodile-Keku - Air Force Institute of Technology; Andris Slavinskis - Aalto University; Gholamreza Anbarjafari - Tartu Observatory

Thin Satellite Research Data Communication

Christine Groves - US Coast Guard Academy

BLADE: The Balloon Launch Assessment Directive for Engineers and the Use of the CubeSat Form Factor for an Introductory Systems Engineering Education

Jacob Harbuck, William McKinney, Michael Pham, Gustavo Salgado, Zachary Gaines, Eduardo Corpuz - California Polytechnic State University

Pure Ionic Electrospray Thruster Control Electronics Architecture and Performance

Jeffrey Asher, Robert Antypas, Joseph Wang - University of Southern California - Space Engineering Research Center

Cislunar Explorers: Lessons Learned from the Development of an Interplanetary CubeSat

Aaron Zucherman, Aaron Buchwald, George Orellana, Sydney Rzepka, Elliot Kann, Kelly Jawork, Michael Zakoworotny, Charlie Robinson - Cornell University

Development of an Antenna Positioner for S- and X- Band Ground Segment

Kerry Clapham - University of Canterbury; Robin McNeill - Great South; Chris Hann - University of Canterbury

Internet of Things (IoT) Payload in IRIS CubeSat

Ke-Yen Hsu - National Cheng Kung University Taiwan

AI-Based Novel Camera System with Software Defined Radio Transceiver On-board

Aysha Alharam, Ebrahim Almansoori, Ahmed Bushlaibi, Prashanth Marpu, Hani Saleh - Khalifa University of Science and Technology

Utilizing Deep Reinforcement Learning to Effect Autonomous Orbit Transfers and Intercepts via Electromagnetic Propulsion

Frank Soboczenski - King's College London; Gabriel Sutherland - Oregon State University; Athanasios Vlontzos - Imperial College London

A CubeSat Flight Demonstration of Constrained Attitude Control

Charlie Kelly, Taylor Reynolds, Arnela Grebovic, Cameron Wutzke, Cole Morgan, Devan Tormey, Ellory Freneau, James Rosenthal - Aeronautics & Astronautics CubeSat Team

Bammsat-on-BEXUS: A Technology and Operation Demonstration of a Biocubesat Platform on a Stratospheric Balloon Flight Educational Program

Aqeel Shamsul, Giovanni Sinclair, Adrien Bolliand, Amin Chabi, Miguel Martinez, Mateusz Zalasiewicz, David Cullen - Cranfield University; Mike Cooke - University of Exeter

Project ASTER: True Microgravity during Free-Fall with Attitude Stabilisation

Flavia P´erez C´amara, Noel Janes, Jonathan Lange - Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

Methodologies for Development of a Modular Wiring Harness for Use in Small Satellite Constellations

Katie Gwozdecky – University of Toronto

Low Cost Magneto-Sphere Measurement: Leveraging Fusion of Low Data Rate Downlink with Amateur Radio Community

Claire Carlton, Everett Maness, David Barnhart - University of Southern California - Space Engineering Research Center

Light-1: A 3U CubeSat for Detecting and Monitoring Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes – System Design and Concept of Operations

Aaliya Khan, Prashanth Marpu - Khalifa University of Science and Technology

A TLE-based Algorithm for Correcting Empirical Model Densities During Geomagnetic Storms

Daniel Brandt, Charles Bussy-Virat, Aaron Ridley - University of Michigan

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Electrical Power Systems

Solar Panels for Scientific Missions Using CubeSat Platforms for LEO, MEO and GTO

Miguel Vazquez, Vicente Diaz, Victor Burgos, Jorge Garcia, Francisco Lazaro Ismael Sanchez - DHV Technology

Power Beaming Validation for Space-Based Solar Cells: Survey of Laser Power Beaming Experiments

Kane Hurt, Michael Sanders, Jin Kang - US Naval Academy

SmallSat Space Solar Power: A Pathway to a Sustainable Future

Thomas Sinn, Thomas Lund, Alexander Titz, Markus Geiss - Deployables Cubed GmbH; Pauline Faure - California Polytechnic State University

SparkWing: The Off-the-Shelf Solar Array for Small Satellites

Matthijs van der Kooij - SparkWing/Airbus

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Flight & Ground Software

A Novel Approach to CubeSat Flight Software Development Using Robot Operating System (ROS)

Samuel Buckner, Carlos Carrasquillo, Riccardo Bevilacqua, Marcus Elosegui - University of Florida

Describing SmallSat Missions with MetaSat

Daina Bouquin - Harvard University / Center for Astrophysics; Pierros Papadeas - Libre Space Foundation; Daniel Chivvis, Allie Williams - Harvard University / Center for Astrophysics; Vasilis Tsiligiannis, Fredy Damkalis - Libre Space Foundation; Katie Frey - Harvard University / Center for Astrophysics

The Development and Application of the F Prime MagicDraw Plug-In User Handbook

Trent Rich - University of Alabama in Huntsville

Design of Modular Star Tracker Software

Luca Soares, John Bellardo, Pauline Faure, Ryan Nugent, Dave Pignatelli, Alicia Johnstone - California Polytechnic State University

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Ground Systems & Operations

Using Shapley Values and Game Theory to Measure the Effectiveness of Different Satellite Image Products in Hybrid Constellations

Sacha Nandlall - Defence Research and Development Canada; Koreen Millard - Environment and Climate Change Canada

Evolving NOAA’s LEO Ground System to Support Future Missions

Andrew Royle, Heather Kilcoyne - Joint Polar Satellite System Ground Project Manager

Virginia Tech Ground Station - Satellite Mission Data Warehouse

Gustavo Gargioni, Seth Hitefield, Zachary Leffke, Dr. Jonathan Black - Virginia Tech

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Guidance, Navigation & Control

Power Optimal Slew Maneuvers in Support of Small Satellite Earth Imaging Missions

Tyson Smith, Tanner Jones, Skylar Cox - Space Dynamics Laboratory; Greg Droge - Utah State University; Amber Jones - Utah Water Research Laboratory

Ultra-Low SWaP Relative Navigation

Morgan Redfield, Chris Owens, Andrew Horchler - Astrobotic Technology

Development of a Low-Cost Multi-Camera Star Tracker for Small Satellites

Hongrui Zhao, Michael Lembeck - University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Using Passive Attitude Control to Decrease CubeSatellite Complexity

Alexander Barovier, Andrei Hanu, Devan Wagner, Soo Hyun Byun, William Ward - McMaster University; Eric Johnston - Bubble Technology Industries Inc.

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Quantum Key Distribution from CubeSats

Cassandra Mercury, Doug McNeil, Sonali Mohapatra, Steve Greenland - Craft Prospect

Miniaturization of Remote Sensing Scientific Instruments

Tonda MacLeod - Nuvotronics; Mauricio Sanchez Barbetty - Jet Propulsion Laboratory; David Miller - Nuvotronics

AGU Remote Innovative CubeSat Alert System

Tomoya Watanabe, Takanori Sakamoto, Motoko Serino, Maomao Duan, Yuki Gouma, Yasuyo Hata, Hikaru Takahashi - Aoyama Gakuin University; Teruaki Enoto - Kyoto University

A Unique 16U CubeSat Architecture for 1.5m Commercial Earth Observation

Matthys Cronje - Simera Sense; Jacob Mølbach Nissen - Space Inventor; Jacu Vos, Eben Grobbelaar, Johan Du Plooy - Simera Sense; Søren Pedersen, Leonardo Ghizoni - Space Inventor

The MILO Space Science Institute: Enabling New, Science-Focused Deep Space SmallSat Missions

James Bell - Arizona State University; Lindsay Papsidero, Timothy Linn - Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company; David Thomas - Arizona State University; Lon Levin - Geoshare; Scott Smas - Arizona State University

Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Signal-of-Opportunity Receiver

Manohar Deshpande - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Challenges and Opportunities for CubeSat Detection for Space Situational Awareness Using a CNN

Craig Kief, Andrew Cochrane, Matt Hannon, Brian Zufelt, Jim Aarestad, Steve Lindsley, Evan Kain - Cosmiac

MicroMHiDe: A Multispectral Sub-Meter Resolution Payload for SmallSats

Roberto Di Paola, Vincent Moreau - AMOS SA; Benoit Deper - Aerospacelab; Helen Srese, Luca Maresi - European Space Agency

Low-SWAP Laminated Electrostatic Analyzer for CubeSat Applications

Hayden Richards, Matthew McHarg, Jacob Harley - US Air Force Academy; Carlos Maldonado - Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thermal Infrared Imager Development for CubeSat Constellation

Lucas Krempel - Technical University of Munich/OroraTech; Reinhard Kienberger - Technische Universität München; Sanket Shah, Thomas Grübler - OroraTech

NEUDOSE: A CubeSat for Dosimetry of Charged and Neutral Particles

Devan Wagner, Devin Burke, Hira Nadeem, Andrei Hanu, Bruce Power, Soo Hyun Byun, Eric Johnston - McMaster University

Trajectory Optimization for the Virtual Telescope for X-Ray Observations

Kyle Rankin, Hyeongjun Park - New Mexico State University; John Krizmanic, Neerav Shah - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Steven Stochaj - New Mexico State University; Asal Naseri - Space Dynamics Laboratory

New Zealand's First Science Satellite Mission

Nicholas Rattenbury - The University of Auckland

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Next On the Pad

From the First Slovak Satellite to High Energy Astrophysics

Jakub Kapus - Spacemaniac; Norbert Werner - Masaryk University; Robert Laszlo - Needronix

Leaving No CAPSTONE Unturned: How a CubeSat Pathfinder Will Enable the Lunar Gateway Ecosystem

Thomas Gardner, Bradley Cheetham - Advanced Space, LLC

Small and Large Satellites: Joint Operations in Earth Observation

Max Gulde, Marius Bierdel - Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach Institute, EMI; Christian Williges - German Aerospace Center DLR; Christian Mittermaier, Martin Schimmerohn, Clemens Horch, Frank Schäfer - Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach Institute, EMI

SmallSats in Context: Deployment Trends and Outlook

Phil Smith - Bryce Space and Technology

A Pico-Satellite Design to Demonstrate Trajectory and Science Applications

Mehmet Sevket Uludag, Stefano Speretta, Alessandra Menicucci, Michael van den Bos, Casper Hendrik Broekhuizen, Maxime Jetskalina Marianne Bielders, Jasper Haenen, Eberhard Gill - Delft University of Technology

Wide Field of View Testbed

Matthew Navarro - Space and Missile Systems Center - Space Development and Test Directorate; Russ Benson, Joel Gussy, Brian Hardy, Dee Pack, Darren Rowen, Deb Salvaggio - The Aerospace Corporation

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Multiple Water Propulsion Systems: All Propulsive Capabilities for CubeSats From LEO to Deep Space

Jun Asakawa, Kazuya Yaginuma, Yuichi Nakagawa – Paul Blue; Hiroyuki Koizumi - University of Tokyo/Pale Blue

Development of a Super-Small Solid Rocket Motor for OMOTENASHI

Naoki Morishita, Keiichi Hori, Junji Kikuchi, Tatsuaki Hashimoto - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); Sago Yoshimichi, Kiyoyuki Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sasayama - Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Hiroshi Sumida - NOF Corporation

REGULUS Iodine Electric Propulsion System Integration in CubeSats’ Platforms and Testing

Fabio Trezzolani, Nicolas Bellomo, Marco Manente, Davide Scalzi, Matteo Duzzi, Devis Paulon, Alessandro Barbato, Elena Toson - T4i

Water Vapor Integrated Satellite Propulsion System for Nanosatellite Orbit Maintenance

Ian Hardy, Jin Kang - US Naval Academy

A High-Fidelity Ground-Based Space Environment Testbed Utilizing Magnetic Levitation for Fully Integrated Small Spacecraft

Jeremy Bruggemann, Jarrett Kaczmarski - NASA Johnson Space Center

Easy Aligned Telescope for CubeSat

Kosuke Kiyohara, Katsuaki Kubo, Jun Hirakawa, Hirohiko Shinonaga – KIYOHARA OPTICS INC.; Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Hideyuki Matsumoto, Olkiharu Kirino – Crystal Optics

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Space Access

VEGA SSMS HEX Module - Aggregation and Integration from EU to French Guiana

F. Fragnito, M. Mariani - SAB Launch Services S.r.l.

CarboNIX: Introducing a Shock-Free Separation System

Connor Jonas, Michael Tolstoj - Exolaunch GmbH

HyImpulse - Hybrid Propulsion Based Launch Vehicles for Small Satellites

Goutham Karthikeyan, Mario Kobald, Christian Schmierer, Ulrich Fischer, Konstantin Tomilin - HyImpulse Technologies B.V.

Seed Round Raised for a Browser-Based Mission Management Software

Ksenia Lisitsyna - Precious Payload Inc.

MIURA 5 – The European and Reusable Microlauncher for CubeSats and Small Satellites

Pablo Gallego Sanmiguel - PLD Space

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Structures & Mechanisms

Glue-infused Rotating Nanofibers Net (GRoNNet) - A Novel Debris Capturing System

Sharanabasaweshwara Asundi - Old Dominion University; Sneha Raibagi, Rashmi Kasargod Pallam, Amogh Anantha Murthy, Prithvi Monteiro, Amit Gadag – People’s Education Society University; Oleksandr Kravchenko - Old Dominion University

VT ThickSat: A Passive Deployer Mechanism for a Carbon Fiber Tape Spring in the ThinSat Program

Robert Engebretson, Minzhen Du, Gustavo Gargioni, Hovhannes Avagyun, Bryce Clegg, Derick Whited, Kevin Shinpaugh, Dr. Jonathan Black - Virginia Tech

F-molding: A New Production Method for Largely Aspherical Mirrors of Cordierite

Shinobu Nagata, Hidehito Himeno, Yuji Ikeda, Shinji Mukai, Hidenori Yamanokuchi, Takato Honjou. Yuuki Nishi, Shinichi Yamaguchi - Kyocera International, Inc

VT ThickSat: A Scalable Chassis in the ThinSat Program

Derick Whited, Minzhen Du, Gustavo Gargioni, Robert Engebretson, Dr. Jonathan Black, Kevin Shinpaugh - Virginia Polytechnic Institute

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Thermal Material Selection in Small Satellite Interfaces to Optimize Cost, Performance and Assembly Time

Craig Green, Leo Prinzi - Carbice Corporation

Evaluating the Performance Benefits of a Smart Radiator Device in Small Spacecraft Missions, for Earth Orbits and Beyond

Alina Toidjanov, Aimee Carvey - University of Manitoba; Jean-Francois Thibault - Magellan Aerospace; Philip Ferguson - University of Manitoba; Emile Haddad - MPB Technologies, Inc

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Year in Review

A Small Satellite Industrial Base Study: Foundational Findings

Jonathon Pellish - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, Allyson Yarbrough - The Aerospace Corporation

Introduction of Space Projects in Public Elementary School at Mogi Das Cruzes, Brazil

Sandro Shoiti Sato, Débora Soares Alves Teixeira, Vanessa Rodrigues Barreto Aguilar - Prefeitura Municipal de Mogi das Cruzes; Lidia Hissae Shibuya Sato – Technological Institute of Aeronautics

The Alabama Experiment on Galactic-Ray In-Situ Shielding (AEGIS) Project

Jared Fuchs - University of Alabama in Huntsville; Michael Halvorson - Auburn University

The Age of Advancing PocketQube Technology

Tom Walkinshaw, Stefan Iwanicki, Constantin Constantinides, Greg Stewart - Alba Orbital

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