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Small Satellite Conference

Student Travel Award

Form Deadline

May 14, 2024

The Small Satellite Conference will be awarding travel reimbursements to a select number of deserving students interested in attending the Conference. We encourage both domestic and international students to apply, particularly those who would otherwise be unable to attend due to finances.

Preference will be given to full-time graduate or undergraduate students in a scientific or technical discipline at a university or technical college.

To be considered, please fill out the Travel Awards Form by May 14, 2024.

Student Travel Awards are no longer being accepted.

Reimbursements will not be processed until after the Conference is over and receipts have been submitted.

Thank You

"My experience from SmallSat can be summed in three words—growth, adventure, and strategy… I didn’t expect to meet people from around the world, and I didn’t expect to find such seasoned and well-thought-out advice from everyone I met. If SmallSat is a conglomeration of experience, expertise, and innovation, then I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to benefit from that collection of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you to SmallSat 2023 for the best week of technical and leadership of growth of my academic pursuits thus far!""

— Travel Award Recipient

“SmallSat 2023 has been hands-down the most enjoyable conference that I have attended yet. Though it was only my first time attending, I felt right at home as I walked the exhibit hall, sat in on technical sessions, and even presented my own poster. The largest factor of this conference for us was networking. We met many great people during our time there, and made many lasting contacts… Thank you again very much for this experience. It was a great conference.”

— Travel Award Recipient