Virtual Conference FAQ

General Questions

  1. When is the conference?
    The conference takes place August 1-6.
  2. When can I register for the Virtual Conference?
    Registration begins on June 1 for the Virtual Conference. The Conference will be free of charge, but attendees will need to register to gain access to the Conference materials. There is no cap on the number of registered attendees.
  3. Will my registration information be given out?
    Attendees can choose to opt out of distributed participant lists when they register.
  4. When will content be posted?
    Pre-recorded presentations will be posted once per day, available each morning. See the schedule page for more information.
  5. What content will be available during the Virtual Conference?
    The video presentations that will be available include: Keynote Presentation, Pre-Conference Workshop, Technical Sessions, Invited Speakers, Swifty Sessions, and NASA Short Talks. Exhibitor “Booths” and Side Meeting Webinars will also be available.
  6. Can I still submit an abstract for consideration to be a speaker in the 2020 Virtual Conference?
    No. The deadline for submitting abstracts was in early February, and the technical program was finalized in March. Please submit an abstract for consideration for next year. The deadline will be in early February 2021.
  7. Will there be any onsite presence in 2020?
    No. The Conference will be virtual only.
  8. Will the sessions be live or pre-recorded?
    The session presentations will be pre-recorded, but there will be a series of live webinars that attendees can participate in throughout the week.
  9. How do I submit my presentation video?
    You will be contacted by SmallSat staff to record your presentation over conferencing software. More details will be emailed to you over the coming weeks.
  10. What technology platform are you using to facilitate the conference?
    The conference content will all be hosted through our website The SmallSat-hosted webinars will likely be held through Zoom or WebEx.
  11. I planned to host a Monday morning Side Meeting. Will I still be able to participate?
    Yes. Approved Side Meeting presenters will be given the opportunity to submit a pdf document with information about their topic. We will also post a link to a webinar if you choose to hold one.
  12. Can anyone host a webinar?
    Unfortunately, no. There will be a series of live webinars hosted by SmallSat that will be related to our session topics and breaking news. We will feature industry-organized webinars for Side Meetings. Individual exhibiting companies that have already been accepted and approved by the Conference may also be hosting live meetings.
  13. What if I missed the live webinar and still want to view the information?
    SmallSat-hosted webinars will be recorded and posted on our website for viewing.
  14. How long will the presentations and exhibit information be available on your website?
    Full conference content and live webinars are available during conference week. As always, you can access the papers, posters and slide presentations in our proceedings database.
  15. What is your plan for overcoming the issue of multiple time zones? Will you stay on Utah time, or spread events throughout the day?
    The Conference will be held on Mountain Daylight Time. Presentations will be posted all at once, each day for viewing. The live webinars will be scheduled during business hours Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).
  16. How can I still get the SmallSat T-shirt?
    The 2020 T-shirt will be available for sale on our website.
  17. How can I get some Aggie Ice Cream?
    Unfortunately, Aggie Ice Cream cannot be shipped at this time, so you’ll have to wait for next year for that.

Exhibitor Questions

  1. Can I still be considered for a virtual exhibit booth for 2020?
    Unfortunately, no. The exhibiting companies were selected in February.
  2. How can exhibitors get the word out about breaking news or announcements?
    We will provide exhibitors with a media list starting in mid-July, and will provide information on how to include breaking news on our SmallSat Media page.
  3. Can exhibitors get access to participant lists like in past years?
    Yes, we will provide exhibitors with participant lists starting in mid-July.
  4. Who is the best contact person to list in the exhibit entries?
    Ultimately this is up to you. We suggest you list a person who fields business questions or manages sales for your organization.
  5. Do exhibiting organizations host the marketing material on their own website, or do they provide the information and you post it on your website?
    Marketing materials will be hosted on the exhibiting organization’s website. We will post the links you provide on our website in the exhibiting area.
  6. What are the marketing material .PDFs you are asking for?
    We are requesting links to your web-page where you house the .PDFs or other information you want to share about your organization.
  7. How do you want pre-recorded material submitted?
    If you are sending video recordings for marketing purposes, we will need a link to where they are housed. Technical program presentation videos that are part of the Virtual Conference will be recorded over a conference call by our staff.
  8. Will exhibitor information be available for viewing before the conference?
    Yes, to a limited extent. The exhibitor page will be open for viewing as currently displayed on our website. Links to marketing materials and live events will be added on August 1. Registration will be required to access the exhibitor page the week of the Conference.
  9. Is there any way to earn credits in 2020?
    The only way to get exhibitor credits for 2020 is by contributing $500 or more to the student competition.
  10. Will SmallSat 2020 still have sponsors?
    Not in the traditional sense. If sponsors choose not to receive a refund and wish to apply their sponsorship fees toward the 2021 Conference, they will be listed on our website as “Virtual Sponsors". The credit for the sponsorship will be applied to the 2021 Conference, before exhibit placement in February.
  11. How many marketing links can I provide?
    Exhibiting organization may submit up to three marketing .PDF links and one video link, each with a title of 50 characters or less.
  12. Will our information (logo, company description, links, etc.) be displayed on a standard page, or do we need to design such a page ourselves?
    Exhibiting companies will all be listed on the exhibitor page as currently seen on This page currently includes your logo, company description, and point of contact information. During the conference the marketing links and live events will be displayed, as part of the virtual exhibit. The marketing materials will remain on our site after the conference as part of the exhibiting page for 2020.
  13. Will there be an opportunity for visitors to connect with company representatives virtually during the event?
    Yes. Your organization may provide two links for live events. You may wish to have an active chat link, hosted by your organization, to enable participants to jump into conversation with your staff. We request that your organization provide us daily “hours of operation” (MDT), which we will post with your chat link. You may also wish to have a live scheduled webinar for announcements or education purposes. Each organization is responsible for creating their own webinar and chat meetings and for sending us those links, with the date and time of scheduled events.