Exhibitor Registration Procedures 2020

1. Application

  • The portal to apply to exhibit at the Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah will be open for two weeks from January 27 to February 7, 2020.
  • As long as your application is received within the open application window, the time and date of your application has no bearing on your placement or acceptance into the show.

2. Acceptance

  • As there are more applications received than booth space available, at the close of the application window, companies will be accepted according to the SmallSat exhibitor credit system standings as of January 1, 2020.
  • Companies without credits will be placed in a weighted lottery; priority given to those who have applied in the past.
  • All companies will receive notification by February 20, 2020 indicating acceptance or nonacceptance into the exhibit show.
  • Accepted companies will receive an email with registration details in mid-February.

3. Booth Selection

  • Exhibit space selection will take place via teleconference. There will be 15 companies per teleconference call; ranked in order of credits for booth selection.
  • Each accepted organization will be assigned a conference call-in time for booth selection based on credit points.
  • Companies with the same number of credits will be put in random order for booth selection.
  • Accepted companies without credit will be eligible to select available booth space following the completion of the credited selection process.

Important Notes

  • The reason the registration process has changed is to accommodate for the increased number of exhibitors applying for the conference exhibit.
  • As long as your application is received within the open application window, the time and date of your application has no bearing on your placement or acceptance into the show.
  • Please ensure that the email address listed in the application is the email of the person who should receive all future exhibiting information. This individual will be receiving the acceptance or nonacceptance notification and conference call instructions if applicable.
  • If for some reason you or someone from your company is unable to attend the placement conference call, contact Candace Malmstrom candace.malmstrom@sdl.usu.edu to discuss alternate options; otherwise that company will not be placed.
  • Please understand, there will be no reminders, other than the acceptance email.
  • If your company has changed names, merged, or now goes by a different acronym, please note that in your application so we can assign company credits appropriately.
  • Contact Candace Malmstrom candace.malmstrom@sdl.usu.edu for credit information.

Credit System

Exhibit Credits

Companies with credits are placed according to the SmallSat exhibitor credit system, using the credits accumulated as of January 1, 2020. Credits are calculated cumulatively from years 1992-Present. An organization may earn credits through the following options:

  • Exhibit at the Conference – 5 credits per year
  • Sponsorships - 2 credits per year
  • Donation to Student Competition - 2 credits per year
  • Open Industry Party - 2 credits per year

Credit Deduction

An organization will lose credits for any violation of the Show Rules and Regulations, unless remedied on-site. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Late set-up or early tear-down of booth
  2. Violation of height and space restrictions
  3. Subletting an exhibit space
  4. No shows

Show Management reserves the right to take action deemed to be in the best interest of the Conference. This includes, but is not limited to, making changes to the exhibit layout, show schedule, and Conference-related activities.


Candace Malmstrom

435-881-0193 | candace.malmstrom@sdl.usu.edu