Side Meetings

The Small Satellite Conference is pleased to offer organizations the opportunity to hold industry-sponsored side meetings for conference attendees. SmallSat will assist you in arranging for a room and A/V for your meeting. SmallSat will also advertise official side meetings on the conference website, in the smartphone app, and in the onsite program.

An Official side meeting must meet the following conditions:

  • Side meeting is held outside of conference hours
  • Limit of two official side meetings per company or organization
  • Meetings that take place Monday-Wednesday have a time limit of 1.5 hrs, and a cost of $100 per meeting
  • Meetings that take place Sunday and Thursday will not have a time limit, but if the meeting exceeds 1.5 hours there will be a cost of $200 per meeting
  • Payment must be made before any meeting will be advertised

The Small Satellite Conference is not responsible for any side meeting logistics beyond arranging a room and limited advertising. Content is solely the responsibility of the hosting company/organization.

Other Meetings

Attendees are welcome to organize unadvertised meetings on their own. Sign-up sheets for free meeting rooms (limited hours) are available at the registration booth at SmallSat.

If organizations wish to request a room for exclusive use, a fee of $100 per day will be assessed. Please do not hold meetings or interviews in any University rooms that are not on our meeting room sign-up sheets without express permission from SmallSat administrators.

Set up a Side Meeting

To set up a side meeting, fill out the Side Meeting Request Form and return to

Requests will be considered by the committee on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadline June 28, 2019

Side Meeting Request Form